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Culinary Concepts by Olivier Elzer


A new format that combines French classics on skewers cooked on the robata grill, presenting a curated selection of meat, fish, veggie, and cheese.

Crafted with ingredients from the sea, such as Caviar, Crustaceans and House Curated French Fish, elevated by citrus fruits imported from different region in France.  With exquisite pairing of wines that can only be found at Clarence.


The Mains menu serves fish and meat cooked on the bone, available for individual portion and sharing, as well as scrumptious sides and bread.

The Cuisine

From the Yakifrenchy which combines French classics with robata, to the twist where fish and meat are cooked on the bone and served whole as a sharing dish in true Hong Kong family table style, to the delicate raw fish and wine bar.


The set lunch includes signature items of the Clarence experience, from Raw & Wine, Yakifrenchy, to fish and meat cooked on the bone, sides and desserts.
Available from Monday to Saturday.

See Set Lunch menu


The Signature menu includes signature items of the Clarence experience. Available at 3, 4 and 5 courses. 

See Signature menu


A menu to promote the French cuisine and culture, themed around different bubbles, Champagne and products in different regions of France

See L 'été Menu


Classic French Dessert curated by our pastry chef with a twist, including the Lychee that brings out chilhood memories from Chef Olivier. Croffle with a perfect texture balanced from crossaint and waffle. Available in individual and sharing size. 





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